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The first word I have seen of Australia Post’s 2020 Stamp Programme appeared in a Commonwealth Stamps Opinion blog entry posted on 19 December 2019, along with images.  An extensive search on the Stamp Collectibles and main Australia Post sites revealed no mention of any of these issues and I have yet to find better resolution images for most of the stamps.  This article includes several issues inscribed Christmas Island and Norfolk Island which are also released by Australia Post and valid for use throughout the country. Those entities will have their schedules listed on separate pages here on Philatelic Pursuits.

2020 Stamp Programme

  1.  02 January 2020:  Joyful Occasions (10 gummed Stamps, 7 self-adhesive stamps and 1 Wedding Prestige booklet)
  2.  21 January 2020:  Tree-Dwellers of the Tropics (3 gummed stamps and 1 miniature sheet)
  3.  04 February 2020:  Australian Sports Commentators (4 gummed stamps and 1 Prestige booklet)
  4.  11 February 2020: Transcontinental Railway 50th Anniversary (1 gummed stamp and 1 self-adhesive stamp)
  5.  18 February 2020:  Medical Innovations (4 gummed stamps and 4 self-adhesive stamps)