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Under the Soviet Union, the Kyrgyz SSR postal service was an integral part of the Soviet system. Kyrgyzstan (or the Kyrgyz Republic) declared its independence in August 1991 and issued its first postage stamps on 4 February 1992.  The nation has two designated postal operators — the original Kyrgyz Post (Кыргыз Почтасы. Kyrgyz Pochtasy SE) and the Kyrgyz Express Post LLC which issued its first stamps on 18 November 2014. While Kyrgyz Express Post (KEP) has announced their 2020 Stamp Issuing Plan, as of the date of writing (18 December 2019) the release date have not.

2020 Stamp Programme

  1.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  The “Seven-Thousanders” of Kyrgyzstan (KEP)
  2.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Raphael Santi, 500th Death Anniversary (KEP)
  3.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Ludwig van Beethoven 250th Birth Anniversary (KEP)
  4.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Federico Fellini Birth Anniversary Centenary (KEP)
  5.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Ivan Bunin, 150th Birth Anniversary (KEP)
  6.  27 March 2020:  United Nations’ ActNow Climate Action Campaign (сommon issue for Milanofil) (KEP)
  7.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  44th Chess Olympiad, Moscow (KEP)
  8.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Domestic Dogs (KEP)
  9.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Bird of the Year. The White-Browed Tit-Warbler (KEP)
  10.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Postcrossing (KEP)
  11.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  XVI Summer Paralympic Games in Tokyo (KEP)
  12.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  IV World Nomad Games (joint issue with Turkey) (KEP)
  13.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Jewelry (joint issue with Ukraine) (KEP)
  14.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Red Data Book of Kyrgyzstan (III) — Fishes (KEP)
  15.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Year of the Ox (KEP)
  16.  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Subject to be Announced (KEP)