Latvijas pasts | Philately | WOPA+

2020 Stamp Programme

  1.   Date To Be Announced:  Coats of Arms of Cities and Regions of Latvia
  2.   Date To Be Announced:  The Unique Exhibits of Museum of Nature
  3.   Date To Be Announced:  Birds of Latvia
  4.   Date To Be Announced:  Water Towers
  5.   Date To Be Announced:  EUROPA — Ancient Postal Routes
  6.   Date To Be Announced:  Lighthouses
  7.   Date To Be Announced:  Distinguished Latvian Artists — Gustav Klutsis
  8.   Date To Be Announced:  Free Theme
  9.   Date To Be Announced:  First Latvian Opera “Baņuta” Centenary
  10.   Date To Be Announced:  International Plant Protection Year
  11.   Date To Be Announced:  History of Latvian Navigation
  12.   Date To Be Announced:  Ludwig van Beethoven, 250th Birth Anniversary
  13.   Date To Be Announced:  Riga State Techhnical School Centenary
  14.   Date To Be Announced:  Christmas 2020
  15.   Date To Be Announced:  Flowers (Reprints)