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Slovenia’s 2020 Special Stamps Programme was announced in Bulletin 128, issued in early November 2019, along with preliminary illustrations of most of the designs for to be issued in January.

2020 Stamp Programme

  1.   31 January 2020:  Prominent Personalities
  2.   31 January 2020:  Greetings Stamp — Love
  3.   31 January 2020:  Lunar New Year — Year of the Rat
  4.   31 January 2020:  Architecture in Slovenia — Municipal Savings Bank, Ljubljana (miniature sheet)
  5.   31 January 2020:  Contemporary Arts and Crafts in Slovenia — Contemporary Metal Design
  6.   31 January 2020:  Memorandum on Nature Conservation Centenary
  7.   13 March 2020:  Tourism – Podčetrtek
  8.   13 March 2020:  Fossil Mammals of Slovenia –- Prohyracodon telleri
  9.   13 March 2020:  Flora – Flowering Park Trees
  10.   13 March 2020:  National Volunteer Week (miniature sheet)
  11.   13 March 2020:   Football Association of Slovenia Centenary (miniature sheet)
  12.   13 March 2020:  Ski Flying World Championships Planica 2020
  13.   29 May 2020:   EUROPA — Ancient Postal Routes
  14.   29 May 2020:  Steelmaking in the Meža Valley, 400th Anniversary
  15.   29 May 2020:  First Slovene Postage Stamps for Istria and the Slovenian Littoral, 75th Anniversary
  16.   29 May 2020:  Wine Cellars and Stores
  17.   29 May 2020:  Games of the XXXIIrd Olympiad, Tokyo 2020
  18.   29 May 2020:  8th European Congress of Mathematics
  19.   13 July 2020:  Euromed Postal – Traditional Gastronomy of the Mediterranean
  20.   13 July 2020:  Burning of the Narodni Dom in Trieste Centenary
  21.   25 September 2020:  Pets — Cats
  22.   25 September 2020:  Wells in Slovenia – “Čiga” near Moravske Toplice (miniature sheet)
  23.   13 November 2020:  Gastronomy – Slovenian Istria: fish in šavor, Istrian štruklji
  24.   13 November 2020:  Rural Houses of Slovenia — House in the open-air museum at Pleterje in Dolenjska (miniature sheet)
  25.   13 November 2020:  Slovene Female Scientists – Amalija Šimec, Bacterial Epidemiologist
  26.   13 November 2020:  Slovenes Around he World – Slovenes in Germany

According to Bulletin 128, in discussing the issues for January:

“The first issue of next year will begin, as is now traditional, with a heart-shaped greetings stamp. Like all the stamps in this series, it will be issued in sheetlets of ten stamps.

The year 2020 marks 500 years since the birth of the Protestant preacher and teacher AdamBohorič, the author of the first grammar of the Slovene language. Next year we will also be commemorating the 160th anniversary of the birth of composer Hugo Wolf. Both of these important figures will be commemorated by a stamp in the Prominent Personalities series, issued in a sheet of 25 stamps.

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2020 is the Year of the Rat. The new stamp in our Chinese Horoscope series will once again be issued in a sheet of 25 stamps.

We continue our presentation of Slovenia’s rich architecture with a stamp in a miniature sheet showing the building of the Ljubljana Municipal Savings Bank, the work of architect Josip Vancaš.

We continue the Arts and Crafts in Slovenia that we began last year with a new stamp showing contemporary metal design. This stamp will also be issued in a sheet of 16 stamps. 

A new stamp in our Anniversaries series, issued in a sheet of 25 stamps, will mark the centenary of the Memorandum on Nature Conservation.

Note: The stamps shown here are first designs and may be subject to change.”