My Philatelic Pursuits #2019-08

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a philatelic week last week as most of my time was spent working on school-related tasks. The end of the long school year is upon us and next week is comprised solely of final exams — tests in English and Chinese subjects Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the Thai language exams occurring on Thursday and Friday. My M3-level students (roughly equivalent to the Sophomore level of high school in the United States) will take entrance exams for different schools on Monday before starting their holidays next Tuesday). The 2019-2020 school year will begin in early May, probably the Tuesday following the Royal Coronation of HM King Maha Vajiralongkhorn (Rama X). There should be plenty of Thailand Post philatelic items surrounding that long-awaited event.

Postccrossing postcard received on March 2, 2019, bearing one stamp from 2017 and two from 2018, nicely postmarked (many covers and cards from the U.S. miss postmarks entirely).

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2019 Stamp-Issuing Programs: Thailand

It’s nearly February, but I am finally able to put together a tentative schedule of Thailand Post’s planned 2019 stamps. Most of the images are sourced from promotional images as found on Facebook (the first two issues are scans from my collection) and the information comes almost entirely from a screenshot found on Facebook. All of this is subject to change as additional issues are … Continue reading 2019 Stamp-Issuing Programs: Thailand

Save the Date: Singpex 2019 — 31 July to 4 August

Last November, I was planning to attend the Thailand 2018 World Stamp Exhibition in Bangkok. Ultimately, I was unable to attend and decided that I would do my best to make the next big stamp show in the region. That show happens to be in Singapore, a much more expensive place than anywhere in Thailand but a city that I thoroughly enjoyed during my one … Continue reading Save the Date: Singpex 2019 — 31 July to 4 August

Weekly Phila-Bytes #2019-01

Thailand - Thailand Post #TH1162 (2019) first day cover - released January 1, 2019
Thailand – Thailand Post #TH1162 (2019) first day cover – released January 1, 2019

Back in August and September 2016, I wrote three articles under the heading “Phila-Bytes” in an effort to post on Philatelic Pursuits more often. It didn’t work. I’d set out to do a bi-weekly series and perhaps there was too much going on during those two weeks to keep track of. At any rate, the series fizzled.

I am beginning to think in terms of weekly posting schedules for each of my blogs (yes, even the 925-post strong A Stamp A Day). I published the first of a weekly recap series this past Sunday on Asian Meanderings — my first entry there since last July — which includes an account of my week in terms of work, places visited, books read, etc. with a mix of photos and video. With that out of the way, I believe future installments will be much easier to put together. I plan to start once-per-week entries on A Stamp A Day (with a name change, of course) once I hit my 1000th article there in late March. I haven’t received a single postcard in quite some time so it may be a bit more difficult to post each week on Postcards to Phuket but I’ll take a look at my unblogged cards and figure something out soon.

My stamp purchases have gotten a slow start in 2019. In the past week, I’ve spent just over 450 baht (USD $14.20) on stamps and covers, mostly in eBay auctions. It can take up to two months for those online acquisitions to arrive in Thailand (not included in the total above is another 250 baht in shipping costs).

Old and new Phuket post offices in the heart of Phuket Town, Thailand.
Old and new Phuket post offices in the heart of Phuket Town, Thailand.
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