Weekly Phila-Bytes #2019-07

While the week before was largely celebratory with a three-day local festival plus Valentine’s Day, this past week has been all about work as we prepare for the rapidly approaching end of the school year. While I am a classroom teacher (high school level in the Intensive English Programme this term), I am first and foremost an administrator. This means that in addition to preparing … Continue reading Weekly Phila-Bytes #2019-07

Phila-Bytes #3 [9-23 September 2016]

One of the best things about this wonderful hobby of philately is that I am constantly learning new things — not only about the stamps themselves but about the subjects portrayed upon them, the entities that issued them, and so on. In the course of my daily research for A Stamp A Day, I come across a great number of previously unknown (to me) webpages … Continue reading Phila-Bytes #3 [9-23 September 2016]

Happy Roald Dahl Day!

My first job in Thailand, starting back in April 2007, was as a reading teacher at a large bilingual school in the center of Phuket.  At the time, I was wholly unaware of the works of British children’s writer Roald Dahl aside from a viewing of the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  One of the students in my first class – P3 Yellow — a … Continue reading Happy Roald Dahl Day!