A Busy Period — All Hobbies On Hold :-(

My work has not only intruded upon my various hobbies including philately and maintaing my blogs but has completely taken over my life to an unprecedented degree. I believe the last time I was this busy may have been back in my university days during which I also worked in restaurant management. While I am quite exhausted, the majority of this work is stress-free. I … Continue reading A Busy Period — All Hobbies On Hold 😦

My Philatelic Pursuits #2019-09

I was about ready to call this a “slow philatelic news week” and publish a very short update article when the United States Postal Service chose today to announce three new stamp issues due later this year. Unfortunately, the anticipated issue for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 is not among them. The information about each issue comes directly from the USPS press release: Sesame … Continue reading My Philatelic Pursuits #2019-09