Collecting stamps from around the world….

  • Pitcairn Islands 2023, Part 1 (Mar 2023)

    This has been a very Pitkern week! On Monday, my favorite YouTuber — Graham Beck of Exploring Stamps and #philately — uploaded a video taking a look at the fascinating history and philately of Pitcairn Island. Well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet (and if you have, it bears additional viewings as…

  • Australia 2023, Part 1 (Jan-Mar 2023)

    Australia Post’s first set of the year was “Special Occasions”. Released on January 3, there are ten designs available in gummed and self-adhesive varieties in sheets or booklets plus a miniature sheet that contains one copy of each design. There was also a “Wedding Collection” with a prestige booklet and stickers as well as maximum…

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